This is my second foray into blogging. The first was at a pretty depressing time in my life, and in re-reading the posts I put up, the only thing I can think is “damn girl, you are pathetic”. So in an effort to no longer be pathetic I am starting fresh.

In all the articles I’ve read about how to have a “successful” blog, the main points are that you should post often and have a central theme. Posting often is something that I would like to do, but as far as themes go, does “random” count? There’s no way I can come here every day and just write about gardening (mostly because I’m not a gardner), or home improvement, or food, fashion, parenting, etc… I am not looking to establish yet another Mommy Blog, but that’s not to say that I won’t be posting mom-type stories often. I am, after all, a mom. Hopefully sometime soon I’ll have something interesting to post, and maybe sooner or later I can gather some followers (but not in a cult-way, more in a “we read your stuff and we think you are fabulous/awful” way).

Thanks for stopping by!